The Spa at Granada Hotel offers services daily by appointment from 9am to 8pm.



(805) 544-9100



Daily | 9a–8p


Soothing strokes with a range of pressure based on your preference in order to improve circulation and release muscle tension with special attention being paid to the head and neck. Oils infused with healing and detoxifying remedies to combat your morning after. Includes a pot of detoxifying tea after your session.

90 minutes | $130


Characterized by soothing, connective strokes in a range of pressure, Swedish massage is the ideal option for those seeking complete relaxation and stress-relief. Additional benefits include improved circulation, muscle-lengthening and joint flexibility.

60 minutes | $80*

Deep Tissue

Intense bodywork to relax and heal by using a firm, substantial stroke, integrated with focused deep pressure. Deep-tissue work may include some sports massage and trigger-point techniques, which can help address both acute muscle soreness as well as chronic pain issues.

60 minutes | $95*